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Posted by: selsel on: August 21, 2006

Because I don't have to work today. Teeheehee. But I still woke up at 6.30am just to attend a 45min briefing at PWC Building. Arghs. Super early can. Madness. And I was still late because that woman who told me not to be late ended up late. o_O" I wasn't the latest though, there were [...]

WTF is Jeon Ji-Hyun?!

Posted by: selsel on: May 10, 2006

I was about to post a really great post about my really great week so far. And guess what, all these came after I quit my job. Oh by the way, I quit my job. Wahahahahha. Cheelin-san, I don’t know whether you’re reading this, but I’ve quit! Thanks for the job recommendation, but I suppose [...]


Posted by: selsel on: April 27, 2006

I’m slightly more sober now. But I just bit bunny’s head off. Before you think I’m some psycho-cute-animal eater, I’m not. It’s a chocolate Easter Bunny. I love’em hotel chocolates. Absolutely deeeeeeeeee-li-cious. And I’ve my tenant to thank, ‘cos she brings ‘em home whenever they have it in the hotel. I had Choco-Santa during Christmas. [...]

They Love Me!

Posted by: selsel on: March 27, 2006

My very own ad. I got it from Nad’s blog. The ad’s from Puma by the way. Cool eh. Muahahahahaha. Go get yours here!

I can tell you when I’ll die

Posted by: selsel on: March 16, 2006

Smart ey. I’m dying next week. Teeheehee. *Sadistic laughter* Why? Let’s see. Because I’ll be working full days on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. And classes on Wednesday and Thursday nights. PLUS weekend block teaching on Saturday and Sunday which lasts for one FULL DAY (9am to 5pm). Oh. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Fantastic. A round of applause [...]

Random Picture

Posted by: selsel on: January 31, 2006

Taken after facial. Woohoo. Swollen nose (from all that squeezing) and swollen eyes (from the lying down).


Posted by: selsel on: January 31, 2006

Darling Baby! A silky terrier pup, only 7 months old, absolute cutie. 

New Ben & Jerry convert!!!

Posted by: selsel on: January 5, 2006

Berry Nice is really very nice. Cheaper than Haagen Dazs too! Wheeee! Yummy yummy ice-cream!  

Retail Therapy!

Posted by: selsel on: December 30, 2005

I had a Pooh-y Christmas. Pooh mini-cushion and a very huggable Pooh Pooh! Someone owes me another Pooh Pooh! Ha ha ha ha ha. Yay! But I’ll only get it next year. Hrmmmph. *sits and wait* And it’s so “unrockstar-like” to like wabbits. Wahahahahahahaha. Ooops. But wabbits are cute. I like wabbits too. I wonder [...]

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Posted by: selsel on: November 20, 2005

Greetings! From eh, OUTER SPACE! Hahahahaha. I’m really bored to tears and I can’t wait for classes to start on the 26th. Which, coincidentally is Chen Xing XingDi’s birthday party! And her theme is giving me a headache. Uniforms! Where will I find uniforms!? Dear Xingdi ah, forgive me if I can’t find any uniforms [...]

Some photos

Posted by: selsel on: October 31, 2005

Some pictures (of many others) taken during the trip. Water village of Hangzhou, Long Jing Tea Leaf farm, Lei Feng Pagoda, bright neon lights, Mao Za Dong in Nanjing, Tai Lake, view from The Bund, nightview of Shanghai from the Ming Zhu Tower.


Posted by: selsel on: October 31, 2005

I am back! Oooh. I missed my bed!! All the hotel beds are hard like wooden planks! tmd. Toopid. I missed Singapore food!! But I saw Coffeebean & Tea Leaf, Starbucks, MacDonald’s, KFC, Sakae Sushi there! Hahahahaha. I think Singapore one taste nicer. Went to Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing and finally to Shanghai! Wheee! Took [...]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Posted by: selsel on: October 22, 2005

Now for Shanghai weather report. “The weather center forecasts a fairly cloudy week. Expect Mr Sunshine to pop by midweek! Highest temperature will be about 20 Deg Celsius but may dip to about 11 Deg Celsius! So bring that sweater along and wrap a scarf around your neck!” I’m all packed and ready to go. [...]

Random Facts

Posted by: selsel on: October 18, 2005

1. I hate blueberry waffles. Blueberry jam sucksssss!!! 2. 3 scoops of whipped potato is TOO much. Toooooo much for one person. 3. One report down, another one to go. Due: 31st Oct *die* 4. Exams (technically it’s exam because I only have ONE paper this semester. Yes, envy me people. *grin*) are coming!! In [...]

If A Girl Cries. .

Posted by: selsel on: October 17, 2005

if a girl cries in front of u, it means that she just can’t take it anymore. if you take her hand, she will stay with u for the rest of your life.. but if u let her go, she just can’t go back to being herself anymore.. a girl won’t cry easily, except in [...]

Old Navy Stuff!

Posted by: selsel on: October 16, 2005

Yay! My Ultra-Glam girl teeshirt is on it’s way to Singaporeeeee!! Guave Pink Rib-Knit!! Wheee! Field Goal Green sash belt! Muahahahahahha!! Yay. My buys! Get yours at Old Navy ! They having a sale! Better hurry! Shuannnn! When it arrives must tell me okay! So exciting!!!! *Grin Grin*

Ditzy Sel

Posted by: selsel on: October 13, 2005

Bi Hui and Ying Kwan’s Engagment Party at Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel Oh my god. It took me like 6 months before I realised that you can actually add words to ur picture pile collage like above. Just add a blody caption and the text will automatically appear under the photo as shown. Oh my [...]

A – Z

Posted by: selsel on: October 11, 2005

A is for age: 21 and one month B is for booze of choice: if i really have to, lychee martineeeeeee. C is for career: student now, businesswoman when i graduate! muahahaha. D is for your dad’s name: KL. Initials can alrdy la. E is for essential items to bring to a party: cash, card, [...]

Board Games and Cheese Stix

Posted by: selsel on: October 10, 2005

1. We’re at Oasis! Whee! The boardgame place that Nad was raving about! Pity we didn’t manage to take a group shot before you left!! 2. Halli Galli! I AM DA QUEEN OF HALLI GALLI! Wahahahaha. Most of the time anyways. But you can be sure, the guys suck at this game. 3. The bell [...]


Posted by: selsel on: October 9, 2005

F**K. I’m in pain. Pfft.

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