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Give the Gift of Life

Posted by: selsel on: August 30, 2009

SIGLAP BLOOD DONATION DRIVE 2009  4 October 2009 (Sunday) 10.00am to 4.00pm Multipurpose Hall @ Siglap Community Centre (Near Tanah Merah MRT) Basic Requirements: 1.        Identification:                Singaporeans must bring along their NRIC (or their Blood Donation Card).  Non-Singaporeans must produce their passport (or Blood Donation Card) and to provide his/ her Singapore residential address at [...]

Merry Christmas!

Posted by: selsel on: December 25, 2008

And a Happy New Year y’all!

Bye bye speckies!

Posted by: selsel on: June 4, 2008

You’ve served me well for the last 16 years. But now I don’t need you anymore, I’m going to give you to someone who needs you more. Goodbye speckies! May you serve your new owner well! Note: Will post the details of the evaluation + ops when I’m back from my review.

Come on! Give a little!

Posted by: selsel on: May 19, 2008

  (Click on link – it’s a shortcut for all you lazy bums.) I’m sure everyone has heard of the massive quake that struck the Sichuan province in China and the devasting cyclone which hit Myanmar earlier. If you haven’t contributed already, it’s about time. I’m a late bloomer myself, since I didn’t follow the [...]

25th December

Posted by: selsel on: December 24, 2007

Okay, it’s apparent I have no creative cells within me. But anyhoos, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY 08′ EVERYONE!

Super Backlog of Entries – 09.09.07

Posted by: selsel on: September 24, 2007

This year’s birthday is super low-key. Everything was planned last minute. Dinner with the gang was planned last minute. Dinner with my parents was arranged last minute too. It’s my attempt to inject a bit of spontaneity (don’t know how to spell, roars) into my otherwise mundane life. Blah. Anyhoos, dinner was great! We had [...]

Ping.sg Advertisement – Meet selsel

Posted by: selsel on: August 8, 2007

About a week late. But still. Hahahaha. Haven’t been able to psyche myself up to post up entries for the Ping.sg advertisement as well as the Nuffnang Rush Hour promo. Sigh. Work is really draining me. So yeah. Here’s mine! And if you’d also like to put up your own Ping.sg advertisement, here’s how: Your [...]

Happy Birthday My Darling!

Posted by: selsel on: July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday my dearest kuku sister! I’m glad you’re back, but it’s like you’re going away again. And something seems to have changed somewhere, sometime.. But I hope everything will go well for you in the months to come and a fruitful year ahead! Happy Birthday dear!


Posted by: selsel on: June 28, 2007

Label/Receipt Number: EC92 3499 558U S Your item arrived in SINGAPORE at 10:28 AM on June 28, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. OH MY HOLY COWS. It was delivered to my doorstep at 3pm today and I wasn’t home to sign for it. TMD USPS OBVIOUSLY PEOPLE WORK [...]

Mummy is Queen today!

Posted by: selsel on: May 13, 2007

And also every other day! Happy Mommy’s Day! Yay! *big hugs and flying kisses* Muah!


Posted by: selsel on: February 4, 2007

I cut my hair. >.< No more curly wurly hair! Woot!! Happy happy! *cues hwa-hee onion-head* And I bought 2 more tops just now. Argh! Which means I have… *counts with fingers* Alamak, I think more than 10 already. NEED BOTTOMS! ARGH. *slaps self* Stop buying bottoms TOPS YOU FOOL. Stop buying tops! Stop! Oh and [...]


Posted by: selsel on: January 25, 2007

yao says: i am sure you can get suspenders at bugis yao says: or you can try the mickey shop at tamp mall *~selsel®~* – http://selsel.lah.cc says: danggg *~selsel®~* – http://selsel.lah.cc says: hahah *~selsel®~* – http://selsel.lah.cc says: cos mickey mouse wears suspenders rightttt yao says: hmm Quite amusing right. I’m amazed at how lame I [...]

It’s RAIN-ing!!

Posted by: selsel on: January 20, 2007

*ahem!* The best piece of news I’ve had all week. I’m going to Rain’s concert on Sunday!!! Which is. Tomorrow! Wahahahahaha. I ish very happy because 1. it’s FOC! 2. it’s RAIN ley!! Wah lau. I ish also very worried because it’s going to be frikkin’ crowded and full of screaming girl-fans. Which I’m not [...]

Resolutions 2007

Posted by: selsel on: December 30, 2006

New year is one day away. It’s time to make some resolutions. I think what I seriously lack in life is a direction. So. Here goes. Patience. Patience is a virtue is it not? I must learn to be more tolerant towards people around me. But stupid people still pisses me off. A Gucci wallet [...]

NETS it!

Posted by: selsel on: December 2, 2006

I love the new NETS function on the cabs!!! I think not all of the cabs have it though. Probably only Comfort and Citycabs. But yay! Say bye bye to the 10% administrative charge and 5% GST that you have to pay when you pay by debit / credit cards!!! When you pay by NETS [...]

It came and went

Posted by: selsel on: September 10, 2006

My 22nd birthday, that is. Thanks to all who wished me Happy Birthday. Those who didn't, it's okay, I forgib you. Hahahahaha.  The gang got me a wristlet. So pretty. Thanks guys. And the surprise midnight cake. Hahahahaha. But I still lost at mahjong. WTF. Overall, good day. And more to come in the following [...]

It’s Zhenting’s Birthday!

Posted by: selsel on: August 25, 2006

Just a quick shoutout to Ms Low here, the one who puked in my house, the one who helped with  "You-Know-What" competition and won herself a phone and never share with me, the one who let me win 5-tais during our most recent mahjong game, the one who's always complaining she's fat and has fat [...]

The Countdown

Posted by: selsel on: August 17, 2006

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. Today is my second last day at Shitty Company. Tomorrow is my LAST DAY! Ohmigosh. The joy. The celebrations. Let's pop a champagne! *big grins* So it's another 48 hours (+/-) before I leave this goddamn place for good. Woohoo! Shit my boss is back. Gotta go. Yay! 2nd [...]

Who I think will win Superband

Posted by: selsel on: July 7, 2006

迷路兵!! Yes!! I think they’re MARVELLOUS. MAGNIFICENT. BRAVO. VERY GOOD. NO SHIT! And I especially like this guy, Nic. Nicodemus. Don’t know how to spell. Funny weird name. Hahahahahaha. I think he’s cute! I guess it’s the spectacles. Ho ho ho. And his small, single eyelidded eyes. That sounds strange. Hahaha. Whatever! I like this [...]

Roar roar roar!!

Posted by: selsel on: May 21, 2006

My dearest mods.. Why are there so many spam comments recently?? Are there any ways to stop them??? Like word verification (ala Blogger) or something.. Arghhh they’re driving me craaaaay-zeeee… Oh but great job on the tagboard, I think I can tag normally now. *thumbs up!* I wanna go to Bangkok or Taiwan!! Or just [...]

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