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Posted by: selsel on: October 23, 2009

Still drowning in my econs notes. But amidst the reading of demand and supply, market structures, marginal costs, law of diminishing returns, I’ve been daydreaming. I made up a list of things I want to buy. Not surprising, I’ve made this kind of lists before. Always!  Just so that I don’t forget and I don’t [...]


Posted by: selsel on: December 29, 2008

I’m really bad at keeping secrets. I feel like I’m going to explode. Bah. Anyway, this place is going to the dogs. I don’t know why, but I don’t have the energy to update anymore. I barely get enough sleep. Well, this is as good as it gets. My gastric keeps acting up, I’m scared. [...]

I survived 10KM!

Posted by: selsel on: October 28, 2008

I did, I did! I finished 3777 out of 3900. Oh god, I’m such a weakling. *embarrassed* Teehee. Well at least I wasn’t the last the clear the finishing line. And it was chaos when the 10km route joined the 5km route. Just visualise this, a mad rush of girls / ladies / women all [...]

HTC? Sony Ericsson?

Posted by: selsel on: June 14, 2008

HTC Touch? OR Sony Ericsson P1i? Both have WiFi (apparently), both are smart phones. HTC – Pros 1. Will display short note of events for the day. 2. Looks more stylo-milo as compared to the business looking P1i. 3. No keypad. 4. Interface looks sleeker than the P1i. 5. Comes in 4 colours as compared [...]

HK Part Three – Lunch and The Peak

Posted by: selsel on: January 30, 2008

Finally got my ass down to doing Part Three. Pardon the lapse of time between Part Two and this. It’s Sunday, and we were supposed to go to Macau to find the Three Monkeys in The Venetian Casino. Like, damn! I’m finally over 21 and can go into the casino legally. But no, my mum sms-ed me [...]

HK Part Two – Shenzhen

Posted by: selsel on: January 23, 2008

So we had to go to Shenzhen for Didi’s business purpose. Woke up bright and early (ok, quite bright but not very early) as it was a long journey to Luo Hu! Had breakfast at Da Jia Le, I think. Some omelette set and milk tea! Really weird why these people wake up so early on a [...]

LG Viewty KU990

Posted by: selsel on: December 28, 2007

Whoopee! Finally got my hands on a new phone. For what I don’t know because my K800i is still working perfectly fine. I guess I just needed something new and shiny to take my mind off some things. Stupid stuff, really, but bothering nonetheless. Sometimes I really don’t know why I bother even when the [...]

End-of-Year Syndrome.

Posted by: selsel on: December 8, 2007

Yours truly here is having the End-of-Year syndrome. Symptoms include the urge to spend money, looking at x’mas decorations (even tho’ I have no tree), no mood to work, plus all that rain makes me sleepy. I have this urge to go shopping lately, but when I finally do, I find nothing that makes me [...]

Totally Maxed Out.

Posted by: selsel on: December 1, 2007

I maxed out my Citibank Clear card today in one single transaction. A facial package at Beyond Beauty. And the most ironic thing was, during the facial session itself, the beautician didn’t even try to sell anything to us. While we were getting dressed, we were saying we prefer this branch (Roxy) as compared to the Raffles [...]

A shopaholic’s dillemma.

Posted by: selsel on: November 30, 2007

 =  + So how ah? Should I buy the Carly? Or should I just use the money and buy 2 items instead of just one. Do I really need another Coach bag? I have 2 + 1 wristlet already. I’m actually thinking of selling the Hobo because I don’t really use it much nowadays. Heh. [...]

Shopaholic Unleashed.

Posted by: selsel on: October 31, 2007

Oh my god. I bought a top on Friday, a pair of earrings on Saturday and a pair of sandals on Tuesday. Crap. Turtleneck top (super similar to the one I ordered from VS!!! -_-”) with a tank-top babydoll thing. It comes in a set, but only costs about $29? Little Match Girl has some [...]

Gone Shopping.

Posted by: selsel on: October 25, 2007

And spent some hard earned moolah on some well deserved treats for ma self. A mustard colour cardigan. I like the corset fit. Just like the Raoul shirt I bought the other day. Which I still haven’t worn because it’s so white. Ha. Psst. Shopaholics on cold-turkey should REFRAIN from talking to Jenny-san. She just [...]

Sgspree is evil.

Posted by: selsel on: October 17, 2007

So I stupidly set my IE homepage to Gmail, Google, Lah.cc and of all pages, LJ Sgspree. I’m updated of all the latest sprees going on. This morning, I finally relented. I showed Jen (who was supposed to stop me) this bag that I was contemplating on buying thinking that she was going to go on [...]

Xda Atom Pure – White

Posted by: selsel on: September 20, 2007

Display 2.7″ TFT LCD display with touch panel 240 x 320 dots resolution Supports 262K colours (65,536 effective) Dimensions Approx. 58(W) x 102(L) x 18.5(T) mm Weight with battery: 140g Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Audio Stereo speaker Speaker with receiver Omni-directional mono microphone Support speaker phone operation Ringtone support: 64-chord MIDI, MP3, WMA, [...]

Bangkok II – Post Part 2

Posted by: selsel on: September 17, 2007

 Okay this came like 2 weeks late. I’ve been really busy (celebrating my birthday! ) and I’ve been really tired (from the celebrations). Okay okay, I’ve been really lazy as well. :X Anyhoos, better late than never. So here it is! Bangkok photos! Right from the day we depart from Budget Terminal. Got caught while [...]

I wanna watch Ra – Ta – Too – Ee!

Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2007

Yes, I wanna watch Ratatouille! Yeah, it’s opening on the 30th! Woohoo. I’ve forsaken my Charmmy Kitty desktop wallpaper for this: And I got a lift home in my dream car today! The Hyundai Tuscan  Tucson! Yay-ness. Super roomy and I like it ‘cos it’s taller than the other cars, easier to park also lah. Ruggard and looks [...]

My hand itchy.

Posted by: selsel on: July 29, 2007

I went to click at the SgSpree website. And now. I VERY GIAN TO BUY THESE BAGS! Wah lao. Somebody please strangle me. I’m not supposed to shop anymore for July because major wallet damage coming soon at the end of August. Control yourself girl!!! Argh. Get a grip.


Posted by: selsel on: July 19, 2007

Lately, I’ve been logging into Lah.cc pretty often. And many times I click on the “Write” tab and then stare at the blank screen for donkey hours, too lazy to blog. Yes, I’m too lazy to blog. Wahahaha. Or maybe I’m just too tired. I just finished (like really finished! not 1st draft or 2nd draft [...]


Posted by: selsel on: June 28, 2007

Label/Receipt Number: EC92 3499 558U S Your item arrived in SINGAPORE at 10:28 AM on June 28, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. OH MY HOLY COWS. It was delivered to my doorstep at 3pm today and I wasn’t home to sign for it. TMD USPS OBVIOUSLY PEOPLE WORK [...]

Oops I did it again.

Posted by: selsel on: June 18, 2007

I bought another COACH. OMG, somebody please slap me and wake up from this horrible addiction. It’s not very healthy especially on my already very “lean” wallet / bank account. But I just can’t help it especially when there’s a discount for it since COACH doesn’t usually have discounts unless you’re the VIP member or [...]

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