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And then there were 2.

Posted by: selsel on: December 3, 2007

So! My sister finally had the time to bring Jojo (as he is now called) to the groomers’. And brought him to our place last Sunday. Here he is! All pink and hairless.  This is him. In the kitchen. He’s wearing JJ’s teeshirt, and JJ is very very very angry about it. He absolutely hates Jojo now. Jojo [...]

Deepavali Day at Sentosa!

Posted by: selsel on: November 11, 2007

But first I want to show off my fan that I made during Japanese class that day.   We were only given 15 minutes to finish it, obviously it’s not enough to tear those origami papers into tiny little bits and stick them on the fan right!? Bah. Anyway I brought it home to finish it [...]


Posted by: selsel on: July 19, 2007

Lately, I’ve been logging into Lah.cc pretty often. And many times I click on the “Write” tab and then stare at the blank screen for donkey hours, too lazy to blog. Yes, I’m too lazy to blog. Wahahaha. Or maybe I’m just too tired. I just finished (like really finished! not 1st draft or 2nd draft [...]

JJ in the House, Yo’!

Posted by: selsel on: June 16, 2007

Happily snapping away with the T20. Check out his blue eyes. I tried to take a picture with him and me, but he tried to lick me. Roars. My dog has bad breath, anyone knows how to brush his teeth? Ok totally off-topic, but this T20 has a Super Macro function. Damn cool. By the [...]

I’m meeting *The Phantom* on Sunday.

Posted by: selsel on: April 19, 2007

The much awaited, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, directed by Harold Prince. Yes, even as we speak, Zhenting has already collected the tickets for the show on Sunday. Isn’t that great? And the best part is, it’s Category 1 Stall seats but we’re only paying $125 (U.P. $145). Check out the circled area. [...]

Expensive Rug

Posted by: selsel on: August 8, 2006

Told ya I had a lot of JJ's photoes. Heehee. New ones!!!  I love it when he sits upright. So adorable right!    Trying to get his side view. But he keeps moving.     In his territory, HIS kitchen.    Caught him running mid-flash. I think he looks like a rabbit. Check out his [...]


Posted by: selsel on: June 13, 2006

Not me. Him! Smelly! Smelly is a miniature schnauzer too, just like JJ. But he’s really MINI now, ‘cos he’s only one month old. And trust me when I say he’s smelly. Smelly has a lot of bak sai (eye shit) ‘cos we can’t really clean him when he’s so puny and young. Of course [...]


Posted by: selsel on: June 2, 2006

Bwahahaha, as if. But JJ is cute! I’m sure FBL and Kook and Michelle will agree with me!!! Teeheehee. So he survived Day 1 with his new collar. By now you should all know that he’s afraid of that bell on his collar. But as we all know. He got used to it!!! He can [...]

Kena tagged

Posted by: selsel on: June 1, 2006

Basketball, FBL tagged me to do some 24 weird facts thing. Gahh. But since I’m free, for a mo, cos’ JJ is sleeping, I shall do it. I’ve been cleaning up dog poo for the last 24hrs x 4days . I haven’t slept on my bed for the last 24hrs x 4days. I have a [...]

Photos of JJ!

Posted by: selsel on: May 31, 2006

So he’s still coughing, but getting better which is good and his stools are still a little runny, but he’s eating well and playing well, so that’s not much of a problem. I think. The vet agrees too. He’s one hell of a monster, once he gets used to us. o_O He watches TV too, [...]

Day 1

Posted by: selsel on: May 11, 2006

“Hi everybody, I’m JJ / Happy / Hua Hee / some other derivations of Happy (my Jie Jie hasn’t decided) the Mini Schnauzer!” “I know I’m nowhere near looking Happy / Hua Hee / Joy Joy (that’s what JJ stands for) but try being confined in a cage for the whole day!” *sulks* “Hrmm, I [...]

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