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Now what?

Posted by: selsel on: September 12, 2009

So the birthday’s come and gone. Actually, I don’t like my birthday. Only in these recent years. No idea why. I get PBB (Pre-Birthday Blues) and the feeling’s terrible. Well, it could be due to the fact that I think / feel my life is meaningless. I mean, not as meaningful as I want it to [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 5, 2009

That time of the year again! Mummy dearest’s birthday! Happy birthday my dear dear Mummy! I wish you many more years of good health, more wealth and youth! Love ya! *muaaaaaack!

Posted by: selsel on: September 20, 2008

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

Posted by: selsel on: September 8, 2008

So I’m skipping the Hong Kong / Macau trip and go straight to the surprise which was waiting for me at home! But first, let’s introduce the organisers: The usual suspects at Tampines Mall waiting after contacting my parents and letting them in on The Plan. They waited for me at home! And poor JJ [...]

I’m back!

Posted by: selsel on: September 8, 2008

Hongkong and Macau was great! And the surprise waiting for me at home was awesome! Thanks guys! Will blog more soon. I feel awfully sleep deprived. Night!

Zhenting’s Birthday!

Posted by: selsel on: August 26, 2008

Is over. Hahaha, and this is a super belated entry on the surprise party we gave her. It was a very last minute decision to surprise her and so, everything else was also done last minute! The birthday present was bought last minute (after much discussions), the cake was bought last minute (just before we [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 6, 2008

吃了医生开的胃药,胃开始恢复正常,至少我也放心了。应该是像他所说的,只是gastric flu而已。 幸好。 工作上出了些问题让我觉得很无奈,也很反感。一些我很抱有希望的人,说了一些让我很失望的话。大家都是出来混口饭吃的,为什么要那么斤斤计较呢?又何苦?搞得大家那么不愉快,让我们彼此的关系也变得紧绷。 为什么就不能互相退让一步呢?让大家都好下台。现在这样,很好吗? 真的搞不懂。 头好痛。真希望可以丢开所有琐碎的问题,放个假。 可惜不行。:( 不谈那些了。 昨天是妈妈的生日。其实星期六时已经替她庆祝了。没什么大势的庆祝,就我们3个人去吃饭。有时候简单就是美。是真的! 今天心情真的很不好。想到什么都是不好的。整个人觉得很烦躁。 几个星期前,老爸胯下了海口,说要买名牌包给老妈当生日礼物!哈哈!昨天我就陪老妈去买了!下班后就前往乌节路的Gucci。 本来说好是买一个的,可是怎么知道,左挑右选的,还是不知道该买那一个。售货员也一直在旁怂恿。哈哈。好恶毒! 结果呢? 两个都买了。真是明智的选择!!!大家掌声鼓励鼓励! 哇! 真是对老妈另眼相看。我想信用卡账单来时,我老爸也会另眼相看的。 如果我还有戴眼镜的话,一定会跌破眼镜。 哈哈哈!太夸张了。 Anyways,要祝老妈生日快乐!身体健康!发大财!因为她发财就是我发财!哈哈哈哈哈哈! Happy Birthday Mummy! 老妈生日那天也是Michelle的生日! Happy Birthday Michelle!  明天才替她庆祝。要记得带照相机! 过完这两个人的生日,很快就到Ting的生日了哦!又是一个大头痛! 该去哪里吃?该送什么?该写什么祝贺词? Oh wells. 到时候再说吧。 噢,还有,运动鞋坏了!有得花钱买新的了,十月要去跑迷你马拉松,十二月也是。现在才开始练习,都不知道有没有用。哈哈哈哈。 Argh. 现在满脑子里只有。。工作!工作!工作! 搞得我一个头两个大。 懊恼!好烦。 不管了!走一步看一步。 去睡了。晚安!

Weekend Stay at Amara Sanctuary, Sentosa

Posted by: selsel on: June 24, 2008

To celebrate (Mdm) Lee Worn Jiun’s birthday, we checked into Amara Santuary for a weekend! And I shall not talk too much and let the pictures do the talking. The room’s really pretty, but of course it has to be, it costs $750/night. Ha. Initially it was a party of about 12, then they all [...]

Tapas Tree

Posted by: selsel on: March 15, 2008

We celebrated Colin Chong’s 24th at Clarke Quay’s Tapas Tree! It’ a Spanish restaurant. Pricey, the food is. The bill came up to $180 for the 4 of us. But good. ‘Cept for the fried rice. Bleargh. The beef and prawn thing was good! So poor thing this guy, sigh, he who always plans dinners [...]

The Stranger’s Birthday Dinner @ Giraffe

Posted by: selsel on: October 28, 2007

So! We celebrated Karen Ha Ha Han’s birthday last Friday at Giraffe, opposite Plaza Singapura. Don’t why the birthday girl chose Giraffe, but I like the place! It’s really pretty at night. Although the food wasn’t particularly fantastic (nothing beats Sun with Moon Restaurant @ Central, really), plus there were mosquito-like insects which blardee only [...]

It’s the Stranger’s 23rd!

Posted by: selsel on: October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Stranger! Yes, although you talk too loud, laugh too loud, do weird stuff sometimes, but we still love you all the same! Cheers to seven years of friendship and I hope the 7th year itch doesn’t come a’knockin! I hope you find your other half soon but please don’t neglect me when you [...]

Super Backlog of Entries – 09.09.07

Posted by: selsel on: September 24, 2007

This year’s birthday is super low-key. Everything was planned last minute. Dinner with the gang was planned last minute. Dinner with my parents was arranged last minute too. It’s my attempt to inject a bit of spontaneity (don’t know how to spell, roars) into my otherwise mundane life. Blah. Anyhoos, dinner was great! We had [...]

Super Backlog of Entries – 08.09.07

Posted by: selsel on: September 22, 2007

Okay, I’m clearing super backdated entries. About 2 weeks late. I’m sorryyyyyy. The series of entries will be of eating, mahjong-ing, drinking, more eating in the name of my birthday.  First celebration actually started on 7th Sept. In the office. The darling girlies + one guy at the office bought me a nice cake from Bengawan Solo [...]

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Posted by: selsel on: August 5, 2007

Yes, it’s the time of the year again! It’s Mummy’s birthday! Tonight we’re going to Pu Tien at Vivocity with the sister and the BIL. Eh, not exactly looking forward to the sister and BIL part but oh wells. Me and my big mouth. Perhaps deep down inside I still hope that we can be like [...]

Happy Birthday My Darling!

Posted by: selsel on: July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday my dearest kuku sister! I’m glad you’re back, but it’s like you’re going away again. And something seems to have changed somewhere, sometime.. But I hope everything will go well for you in the months to come and a fruitful year ahead! Happy Birthday dear!


Posted by: selsel on: July 2, 2007

We planned a surprise birthday party for Cass and Lummie yesterday. This kuku sister of mine wanted to surprise us by coming back early and making a surprise attendance at our dinner. But. Cass decided to spill the beans and told us that she’s coming back early. So. The one who wanted to surprise us [...]

It came and went

Posted by: selsel on: September 10, 2006

My 22nd birthday, that is. Thanks to all who wished me Happy Birthday. Those who didn't, it's okay, I forgib you. Hahahahaha.  The gang got me a wristlet. So pretty. Thanks guys. And the surprise midnight cake. Hahahahaha. But I still lost at mahjong. WTF. Overall, good day. And more to come in the following [...]

It’s Zhenting’s Birthday!

Posted by: selsel on: August 25, 2006

Just a quick shoutout to Ms Low here, the one who puked in my house, the one who helped with  "You-Know-What" competition and won herself a phone and never share with me, the one who let me win 5-tais during our most recent mahjong game, the one who's always complaining she's fat and has fat [...]

It’s finally your turn!

Posted by: selsel on: July 14, 2006

Today is a good day. Why? Because my dearest long-armed kuku sister turns 21 today! Yaahoo! You're finally 21! Welcome to adulthood! Alright, may the year ahead be smooooooooooth and all the great stuff come your way. Enjoy your birthday today!!! *big hugz!*


Posted by: selsel on: May 8, 2006

Ariel turned one month old on 7th May 2006! A group of us trooped all the way down to Holland Village, which is at the other end of the island, to celebrate her turning full month! Presented our gifts, birds’ nests and Brand’s Essence of Chicken with Tang Kwei, good stuff I tell you. The [...]

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