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Paypal sucks.

Posted by: selsel on: December 15, 2009

Yeah. Because it doesn’t freakin’ let me pay!

So I ordered some stuff from TW Yahoo Auctions, and this seller accepts Paypal payments for overseas buyers. I’ve been trying for a whole effin’ week now, to pay using Paypal.

First, there’s been a gazillion changes in Paypal, I haven’t used it for YEARS. After ploughing through all the updating and adding crap, I still can’t pay!

I need to confirm and link my card or something. Blody Amex doesn’t work! -_-”

Supremely annoyed.

So I had to add another card, Mastercard, yes? So it says I have to confirm and link (again!) but I’ve yet to receive the transaction on my bank statement.

Clicking around, I managed to pay using the Mastercard! Erm, I thought I was supposed to confirm and link it? No?


So now it says my payment has been sent. But I don’t know if my payment has been sent.

What now?

Apple hasn’t sent me a replacement Mac for the faulty screechin’ one yet, it’s beenĀ a whole effin’ week! Ok, I should really stop swearing.

And my Dermalogica products have not arrived! Ok, lots of Christmas items to ship, yes, ok. So how long more do I have to wait?

*sulks in one corner*

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