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I know, I know..

Posted by: selsel on: November 28, 2009

I know lah! I’ve said this a million times so I ain’t going to say it again!


I’ve accomplished much these last 10 days.

I did eyelash extensions. Extremely pissed off with the blody shop, Milly’s at FEP. Since last Sunday, I’ve been back the 2nd time and I’m going there again tomorrow!

Blody hell.

The first attempt was absolutely terrible. I looked like a blody tranny!!!!


It was so damn long, the extensions nearly touched my eyebrows. Oh so damn blody pissed!

So I went back, the 2nd time, on the 2nd day of the extensions to get them to blody fix it!

After that, it was ok for a while, like 6 hours, before extensions on the outside corner of my left eye detached themselves from my eyelid. Like, all 3 bunches of them.

Seriously peeved.

So I’m going back again tomorrow. To get them to fix it for the 3rd effin’ time, and it’s the last freaking time I’m going back there before I lose it altogether.

It. Will. Not. Be. Pleasant.



Went to JB today, braved the 2 hours jam in and those annoying buggers who cut our queues, you will fall into a drain and step on dog poo when you wear your new shoes out for the first time, every single pair of them.

Extremely uncivilised.

This old uncle even tried to validate and justify for his cutting queue by saying, “Oh, I’m old, my legs cramp, you all are young, can take it.”

You know what, do I look like I care?

Being old and having crampy legs does not give you a right to “automatically” cut queue.

If you’d asked, I’d give it to you.

You just took it for granted that we’d let you, just ’cause you’re old? Come on. It’s everyone for himself (or herself, in this place).

No kidding.


I have 2 new tops and a she-boxer (female version boxers) and 2 pairs of shoes. Whoopee! :D It was gonna be 4 pairs, but I managed to exercise refrain *smirk*. Partly also because I’m going to Taipei in Feb 2010, heh heh.

Ordered my first batch of Dermalogica items from Whatgreatskin.com! Yay-ness!

I hope the shipping charges won’t kill me.

Oh, chickened out at Hermes, I don’t know what’s so difficult about buying a Twilly. But I chickened out. Embarrassing, yes, I know. Thanks for informing.

I realised I have not posted photos of my birthday party, Zhenting’s birthday party, Karen’s, Mich’s, Lion’s, Melvin’s, the Bangkok trip, ok basically everything.

But they’re all on Facebook, ok! Seriously, all of them.

Ok, I’m bummed. Econs exam in 7 days. The clock is ticking, you guys.

Siglap Community Day at Marina Barrage tomorrow! I pray it does not rain.



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