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I totally screwed up my test.

Posted by: selsel on: October 26, 2009

I want to kick myself.



Plus the guy couldn’t jailbreak the pod. Bummer. No Hello Kitty theme. :(

Seriously think my brain engines need to be jump started.

I’m still not in the study mode.

Perhaps setting up a study room will help. I’ve taken over the 3rd room on the 3rd floor. Technically, I have 3 rooms now. But my previous study room has dilapidated. Woh, I have spell-check. Hahaha.

Yes, I was saying, my previous study room has dilapidated over the 3 years that I haven’t been studying. Oops. It has become a storeroom of sorts. Old clothes, old books, old files, old textbooks, my army of soft toys. Seriously, what should I do with them?

Some have sentimental values, of course. But most are just collecting dust anyway.

Even charity places don’t want them. Meh.


See, I wasn’t joking.

dscf0322 dscf0320

Boxes of clothes, that’s just one side of it and my study desk (bought 13 years ago when I first moved in, don’t judge me!!) chock full of notes from Poly times till Degree. It’s a crazy amount of papers.

Could kill someone with all that weight.

So I’m setting up the study at the room next to the old one. We used to rent it out, but it’s been vacant for a while now, after the tenant went back to M’sia.


Got bored while studying (ended up screwing it up anyway) and JJ came up to visit me.

That’s him in his new “home”. Penthouse ok, it’s the topmost shelf.

Sigh, I’m extremely upset about my test. Bah.

Oh wells, try harder next time. The next hurdle is the group assignment, imma so getting my 30%!!

And on the bright side, Dad says he’s part-sponsoring my iMac! I think he said $1500.

Wahahaha. :D

Ok, hopefully I’ll feel more inspired to study soon.


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