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Been busy.

Posted by: selsel on: October 7, 2009

Ya, uh-huh.

MBA’s started. Classes are not intensive, but gosh, I’ve got a thick stack of reading to go through. And those are just materials that the lecturer gave.

There are more! Those that he “advised” us to read. Meaning must go and read lah.


I’m really on an extremely steep learning curve right now. And it’s driving me crazy.

I’ve got no energy to read anymore after work and weekends are so precious I just don’t think I should be spending my 1-day weekend reading on demand & supply, competitive markets and I seriously don’t want to know what Obama is doing about the US economy.


On a happier note, I bought a new camera and an iPod Touch! I’ve officially joined the Mac-lover club. Next on the list is the iMac! Wheee!

The Touch’s great! But I’m still waiting for that salesman to download the Hello Kitty theme for me though.

He hasn’t got back to me. Bah. Them salespeople just want to close the deal and forget all about the after-sales service.


On another happier note, Guangzhou’s in 9 (woohoo) days! That’s about slightly more thanĀ a week! I can’t wait to get out of here. Bangkok’s in 25 (not so woohoo) days!

Ahhhhh, Land of Mango with Sticky Rice, I’m cominggggggg!

On a not so happy note, the assignment is due in blody 1 month. Class test’s even sooner, 25th! Damn.

No kidding.

I really hope I survive this. Gah.

Somebody, save me!!! :(

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