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I’m not wise anymore!

Posted by: selsel on: June 8, 2009

Because I removed my wisdom teeth!

It was such a harrowing experience. :(

I took the GA option, so I had to “check in” to TTSH Day Surgery ward on the day of the op itself.

8.45am: Arrival at TTSH Day Surgery


Changed into their gown and sat on bed no. 10, awaiting my turn.

9.30am: Wheeled into OT 20. This was when I cried. I was so terrified because my mum couldn’t follow anymore! So embarrassing, they had to wait for me to calm down before they could send me in.

10am: Candula done, waiting in the “preparation room” before going into the OT.

At approximately 10.30am, I was knocked out by the GA.

11.30am: Woke up in the post operative ward. Totally groggy and numb.

Mum was waiting for me outside already. But I think I was still feeling the effects of the GA, so I was drifting in and out of sleep.

12.30pm: Still at the post operative ward, took my BP like 1000 times. Gums bleeding like mad.


Still on drip and still groggy.


My teeth, all smashed into pieces. I think there were bits of my gum still stuck on the tooth. Eewwugh.

And now I have an orh cheh on my right cheek plus I have pouffy face.


All these for 8 days of hospitalisation leave. Meh.

Can’t eat, can’t laugh, can’t sneeze, can’t yawn.

I’m permanently hungry because I’ve been on liquid diet for the last 5 days.

But on the bright side, smooth bowel movements! Wahahahaha.

I’m almost turning vegetarian. Wth.

Ok, I’m officially bored.


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heys is removing wisdom tooth under GA scary? i have been crying quite often thinking about it. please tell me more abt your experience. ps i happen to googled wisdom tooth den come to your blog

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