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Posted by: selsel on: June 19, 2009

在人生的每一个阶段,都会想要去尝试新的东西。。 打了2年(多)的工,突然想回去当个学生。想去澳洲念书。想去留学。想离开这里,看一看世界。 有很多事情想做。。 想学钢琴,想继续学日语,想学溜冰,想环游世界,想当义工, 想唱歌,想跳舞。。 太多事情想做,怎么做的完? 没有时间。。 觉得自己好累,好疲惫,好像被淘空了一样。。工作没有意义,想换个环境。。该是时候了。。 需要找到人生的目标,我生存的意义。。 Google找得到吗?哈哈。。 老板说我患有忧郁症,我希望他只是在跟我开玩笑。。 开朗的我,乐观的我,对生命充满希望的我,不知不觉地。。在茫茫人海里,消失了。。 站在镜子面前的我,悲观,消沉,收敛。。 以前有话直说,爽快,现在变得吞吞吐吐,嵬嵬缩缩。。 难道这就是所谓的成长?还是太在意别人会怎么看自己。。? 如果这就是成长,那我宁可永远都是个小孩。。 也许这只是个过渡期。。成长的过程。。 好懊恼。。 想离开这里。。我要破茧而出。。

The Day I Eat..

Posted by: selsel on: June 9, 2009

.. will be the day I gorge myself to death! I need real food. Like proper food. Not porridge. Not soup. A list of food I want to eat before I forget they even exist. 1. Taiwan sausage 2. McDonald’s french fries / nuggets / double cheeseburger 3. Salmon sashimi 4. Tea Leaf egg 5. [...]

I’m not wise anymore!

Posted by: selsel on: June 8, 2009

Because I removed my wisdom teeth! It was such a harrowing experience. I took the GA option, so I had to “check in” to TTSH Day Surgery ward on the day of the op itself. 8.45am: Arrival at TTSH Day Surgery Changed into their gown and sat on bed no. 10, awaiting my turn. 9.30am: [...]

妥协 – 蔡依林

Posted by: selsel on: June 5, 2009

你总爱编织谎言 我负责配合表演 所有改变 只为了进入你的世界 这情节 重复了一百遍 才发现 是你的心太野 你划定楚河汉界 我不能轻易犯规 所有时间 都是先给了你优先权 不自觉 爱到不敢冒险 成了你的傀儡一年两年 才看见我有多狼狈 爱到妥协 到头来还是无解 绑着你 不让你飞 历史不断重演 我好累 爱到妥协 也无法将故事再重写 你已下最后通牒 我躲在我的世界 你只是害怕一个人睡 我不想再为你掉泪 我了解 不会变 不再徘徊 开始自己的明天

Meal Menu

Posted by: selsel on: June 5, 2009

I am in pain. Not much I can eat. Breakfast – Milk at room temperature. Antibiotics and more. Lunch – Campbells’ Cream of Chicken / Cream of Mushroom Dinner – Fish porridge All this x 7 because it’s all I’m going to be able to eat for the next 7 days. I can’t sneeze, can’t [...]

15 hours

Posted by: selsel on: June 3, 2009

To my reporting time at TTSH. Ok, I am officially freaking out now. I spent some moolah yesterday. Bought my Varina flats. Woohoo! Picture of it next time. It’s gorgeoussssss! To do: 1. Fast after midnight. 2. Remove nail polish on toes and fingers. 3. Eat my fill later. 4. Hope for the best.

4 more days.

Posted by: selsel on: June 1, 2009

Is it time for me to start freaking out? Activities lined up to take my mind off things. Dinner at Gyukaku on Monday with the Tenrikyo people. Probably my last good meal for the next 2 weeks. Facial on Tuesday, so that even if after that break out also never mind, ‘cos I’ll be on [...]

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