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Posted by: selsel on: April 27, 2009

Yes, I’m back. For a week already. Photos from the trip, if you haven’t already seen it on Facebook! Have you been living in a cave? We’re so proud of our car, Holden Astra. Hard top convertible ok, don’t play play. I love to see it fold its top. So transformer-ish. Hee hee. Not much [...]

Back to reality.

Posted by: selsel on: April 22, 2009

Every trip we screw something up. Our last to HK, we missed our return flight. This trip, Ms Chen Didi decided to bring the hotel keys home. We had to buy an envelope from the airport and post it back to the hotel. Well done. Photos another day. I’m dead tired. 14 days and counting down.


Posted by: selsel on: April 20, 2009

Life is short, Break the rules. Forgive and forget quickly. Kiss passionately, love truly. Laugh constantly. And never stop smiling, no matter how strange life is. Life is not always the party we expected to be but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.


Posted by: selsel on: April 10, 2009

Is open in Singapore! In Tampines 1, to be exact. Whoopee! But I don’t think I’ll be stepping in to Tampines 1 soon, the crowd’s crazy, did y’all see the news?! It’s madness. Mum & Dad have reached Kuantan, as I type, I suppose.  Woke up at 5am to send them to Parklane. zZZZzZZZ. I [...]

你没想像中爱我 – 石欣卉

Posted by: selsel on: April 5, 2009

作词:石欣卉 作曲:Million So 你小心翼翼 牵我手 其实是担忧 藏不住我 自尊也投降 活在她之下 我 好傻 你字字句句说 你不爱她 那又是什么 让你害怕 我疑惑但是原谅 因为你留下 我 好傻 不是我不说就不在意空等候 原来 你没想像中那么爱我 我不懂该拿什么安慰我的难受 你的存在 让我更寂寞 你寸步不离 像天使的她 挥霍我的爱 从不放心上 我有一丝无奈 也有一些明白 该 放开 不是我不说就不在意空等候 原来 你没想像中那么爱我 我不能再从你的怀抱感觉到什么 不爱我别再说 假装爱那是撒盐在伤口 啊~~ 谁说我不在意空等候 原来 你从来都没深刻爱我 我才懂不是我不心痛 其实是心没了感受 你没想像中爱我


Posted by: selsel on: April 3, 2009

Now, how shall I do this. Ok, point form again. I realise I don’t take much photos these days. My F21 was not in Singapore a day ago, but it reached my house barely 24 hours later. Odd. I need more F21. Perth is in 12 days! Woohoo! *Grin* Fybogel is really disgusting to drink. [...]

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