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Weekend Stay at Amara Sanctuary, Sentosa

Posted by: selsel on: June 24, 2008

To celebrate (Mdm) Lee Worn Jiun’s birthday, we checked into Amara Santuary for a weekend! And I shall not talk too much and let the pictures do the talking. The room’s really pretty, but of course it has to be, it costs $750/night. Ha. Initially it was a party of about 12, then they all [...]

冲动 – 萧亚轩

Posted by: selsel on: June 17, 2008

作曲:黎沸辉 填词:葛大为.黎沸辉 很感激 这城市拥挤的交通 让你我 还能多相处几分钟 人潮中 怕失散所以轻轻拉你的手 一刻不放松 不放松 忍不住 想要爱你的冲动 不确定你属于我 会有点寂寞 你给的幸福 在我心中自由走动 抚平我每一个伤口 忍不住 想要吻你的冲动 不确定我的执着 能让你感动 我只能相信自己感受 不怕失落 关于你的一切 我想要比谁都懂 我的心 是被你设定的闹钟 提醒我 想你的时间不够用 为什么 平淡的事情现在忽然生动 是你改变我 你改变我 忍不住 想要爱你的冲动 不确定你属于我 会有点寂寞 你给的幸福 在我心中自由走动 抚平我每一个伤口 忍不住 想要吻你的冲动 不确定我的执着 能让你感动 我只能相信自己感受 不怕失落 关于你的一切 我想要比谁都懂 你是情人还是朋友 还没勇气想得太多 你的世界如此辽阔 我会在哪个角落 忍不住 想要爱你的冲动 不确定你属于我 [...]

Got Carried Away By Awesome-ness into Narnia-Land.

Posted by: selsel on: June 16, 2008

Watched 3 movies in the last three weeks. Amazing, I rarely watch that many movies. First was The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It was quite a nice show, expected ending but the young actors were all worth their salt. The company had organised it as our annual movie time thing, so I watched it for free. [...]

So you’ve heard of Puss in Boots.

Posted by: selsel on: June 16, 2008

But what about Pig in Boots? Meet Cinders, named after Cinderella and her magic glass slippers, the pig who wears little booties! Isn’t she adorable! I saw the newsclip while waiting for the doctor today. So cute lah! She was tottering around in the mud and kicking up mud in the process. And why you [...]

The Longest Saturday Ever

Posted by: selsel on: June 16, 2008

It was the longest and worst 1/2 day for me. And I’m so glad it’s over. 4 day work week next week, a spa session (courtesy of Mummy) on Thursday and a birthday chalet at Amara Sentosa on Saturday. Yoho! But I’ve to first get through 2 meetings and a submission. Help!

HTC? Sony Ericsson?

Posted by: selsel on: June 14, 2008

HTC Touch? OR Sony Ericsson P1i? Both have WiFi (apparently), both are smart phones. HTC – Pros 1. Will display short note of events for the day. 2. Looks more stylo-milo as compared to the business looking P1i. 3. No keypad. 4. Interface looks sleeker than the P1i. 5. Comes in 4 colours as compared [...]

The evaluation

Posted by: selsel on: June 5, 2008

For those considering LASIK, you must first know that NOT everyone is suitable for LASIK. There are conditions / criteria that you must fulfill before you’re considered for LASIK. 1. Your cornea must be thick enough. Using INTRALASE (an equipment that cuts the cornea flap with laser instead of using a blade) to cut your [...]

Bye bye speckies!

Posted by: selsel on: June 4, 2008

You’ve served me well for the last 16 years. But now I don’t need you anymore, I’m going to give you to someone who needs you more. Goodbye speckies! May you serve your new owner well! Note: Will post the details of the evaluation + ops when I’m back from my review.

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