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I feel like an ice-berg.

Posted by: selsel on: April 27, 2008

Because I’m meltingggggg.   Bet it’s that El Nina or Al Nino shit. I need a personal rain cloud. Those that you see following the really sad characters in the cartoons. Hahaha. Gah. Aight. I’m off to get myself an ice-cold shower. Tonnes of work waiting for me in the office tomorrow. But at least the [...]

The Accident.

Posted by: selsel on: April 20, 2008

I’m so bored at home with nothing to do and nothing good on TV (waiting for Gilmore Girls!) so I think I shall blog about The Accident. Friday, I met up with Ms Han and Ms Low to watch Sex is Zero 2. Which, by the way, is a stupendously funny comedy. About this undergrad [...]

Somebody kissed my ass!

Posted by: selsel on: April 19, 2008

  It’s so exciting I have to blog it now. Not. Some silly new driver kissed my ass at 12.09am. And I think I have whiplash from the impact of her hitting my rear bumper. Cows. And I forgot to get her IC and address. How stupid of me. Inexperienced you see. But I got [...]

That funny feeling..

Posted by: selsel on: April 6, 2008

I’m getting that funny feeling again.. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just funny. My weekend’s gone just like that. *snaps finger* Woke up at 7+am this morning. Supposedly to help my dad move his office. But he left at 8+am, when he told me the night before that he was going at [...]

Busy, busy, busy like a Bee!

Posted by: selsel on: April 5, 2008

Orh-cheh update: It has morphed into an angry looking black bruise. I hope it “disperses” soon man. It looks really scary. The last 5 days went by in a flash man. Monday was stuck at HQ the whole day doing The Plan, then I went back to OPS and stayed there till 9pm. Why? Because we [...]

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