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Can you believe it?

Posted by: selsel on: March 30, 2008

Is it even possible that someone can buy the wrong flavour of Tae Kae Noi twice?!?!?! And the same wrong flavour?!?!?!?! I cannot believe it!! And yet, it is I who bought the wrong flavour twice. First at NTUC. I happily grabbed a packet of said seaweed, paid for it and went home. I didn’t [...]

Home Improvement – Part I and other random stuff.

Posted by: selsel on: March 23, 2008

I took advantage of the Good Friday holiday and took a half day off on Thursday, another half day off on Saturday and one day off on Monday. The first thing I did after reaching home on Thursday was to pack my overflowing cupboard. Afterwhich I bullied Pami into helping me shift the other cupboard [...]

Tapas Tree

Posted by: selsel on: March 15, 2008

We celebrated Colin Chong’s 24th at Clarke Quay’s Tapas Tree! It’ a Spanish restaurant. Pricey, the food is. The bill came up to $180 for the 4 of us. But good. ‘Cept for the fried rice. Bleargh. The beef and prawn thing was good! So poor thing this guy, sigh, he who always plans dinners [...]

Moth in WATER!!!

Posted by: selsel on: March 11, 2008

My water, specifically. Fooks. I AM DAMN GROSSED OUT CAN. I TOOK A MOUTHFUL AND SWALLOWED SOME ALREADY! Before realising that the moth was floating around serene-ly in my bottle. Well, not exactly serene-ly, it was dead then. Mother of all fooks. I HATE MOTHS. Period. Especially those in my drinks. Not that it happens [...]

WIN Awards 2008

Posted by: selsel on: March 9, 2008

Let the pictures do the talking.  The food was nothing to talk about. Starchy and let’s just say we adjourned to Simpang for prata after the dinner. Only good things were the goodie bags and the complimentary parking. Ha. Which I nearly didn’t get. Edmund Chen was there and I think he spent more time [...]

Picture Vomit.

Posted by: selsel on: March 1, 2008

I just looked through my photos and realised I have TONNES of photos which I haven’t posted. Hah. So here they are! Bought my first solitaire! Expensive. Meh. Puny too. Never mind, I should start somewhere. Must be feeling rich in December. Heh. I received an email notification in my Gmail. Someone had sent me [...]

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