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Posted by: selsel on: February 26, 2007

Eh. Went to see the doctor yesterday for flu, cough and blocked ears. Basket, the doctor says I might get pneumonia if I don’t “break up” the phelgm in my lungs. Like WTH right. Make it sound so serious. I shcared. And my blocked ears are due to the phelgm. Eh. Quite disgusting, no? Made [...]

Ang Bao Many Many!!

Posted by: selsel on: February 22, 2007

Contrary to popular belief, I ish not dead yet. Sorry for the lack of updates, but been pretty bushed by the time I reach home everyday. And not to mention the lappie’s kinda unstable, resulting in me not logging on at night so often anymore. Except to check my email and Miss Shop A Lot’s [...]

New Tagline / Blog Name

Posted by: selsel on: February 10, 2007

I figured this new blog name and tagline suited me more, as compared to the previous one. Updates on that shopping checklist. Bought 3 more bottoms, a very ‘spensive skirt from Esprit, I swear that’s the most expensive skirt I have in my wardrobe. $79.90 but had a 26% discount (don’t ask me why that [...]


Posted by: selsel on: February 4, 2007

I cut my hair. >.< No more curly wurly hair! Woot!! Happy happy! *cues hwa-hee onion-head* And I bought 2 more tops just now. Argh! Which means I have… *counts with fingers* Alamak, I think more than 10 already. NEED BOTTOMS! ARGH. *slaps self* Stop buying bottoms TOPS YOU FOOL. Stop buying tops!┬áStop! Oh and [...]

EQUUS – By Peter Shaffer

Posted by: selsel on: February 4, 2007

About The Show (that’s DANIEL RADCLIFFE. yes, the Potter boy. omg. He needs a tan. Click to go to EQUUS homepage & for more photos!) For the first time in over 30 years, a new production of EQUUS returns to the West End. Alan Strang (Daniel Radcliffe) seems a normal, obedient 17-year old with a [...]

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