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I’m turning to the other side.

Posted by: selsel on: December 31, 2006

She so SHUAI can!??!!?? Ahhhhhh. Fly me to China pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. Xingdi’s gonna freak. Wahahahahaha. But she’s so darn shuai, you can’t disagree.


Posted by: selsel on: December 31, 2006

作詞:娃娃 作曲:蔡健雅 編曲:Adam Lee 空無一人 這片沙灘 風吹過來 冷冷海岸 我輕輕抖落鞋裡的沙 看著我的腳印 OH 一個人一步步 好寂寞 看海有些綠 天有些藍 那段愛情有些遺憾 像不知不覺游向海天 到最深的地方 才發現你早已 放棄我 我聽著海浪 溫柔的呼吸 看著雲朵 飄來飄去 有什麼方法 讓自己真的忘記 ONLY BLUE ONLY BLUE 愛讓人好憂鬱 我的心 我的心 藍藍地 我真的好想找一條船 能遠遠離開這片沙灘 每次又回到同樣海邊 還是會對你想念 想念你有點BLUE 沒有人能像你 留給我的回憶 有點 BLUE OOH

Resolutions 2007

Posted by: selsel on: December 30, 2006

New year is one day away. It’s time to make some resolutions. I think what I seriously lack in life is a direction. So. Here goes. Patience. Patience is a virtue is it not? I must learn to be more tolerant towards people around me. But stupid people still pisses me off. A Gucci wallet [...]

Merry Christmas Y’all!

Posted by: selsel on: December 25, 2006

Don’t know what else to say. I’m absolutely bushed. 7 straight days of caroling, I’m just totally worned out. Note to self: Post out package soon. Will just leave it there for collection. Not exactly a merry Christmas to me. There’s a Gucci sale going on tomorrow, Chong says. Note to self: Must go Town [...]

I’m scared

Posted by: selsel on: December 20, 2006

And I feel damn loser-ish to admit this. But I’m scared. Dad just got hospitalised. Mild stroke, the doctor says. Fuck. Can I start getting worried already. I can begin to feel the burden on my shoulders, running the business and the responsibilities that my dad used to carry on his. Fuck, I’m breaking down. [...]

Christmas Week

Posted by: selsel on: December 16, 2006

I’m starting to hate Christmas. I seriously am. The caroling money is going to go into my “Buy-A-Gucci-Wallet” Foundation. It’s about 50% of the price. So I’m getting a headstart. Woohoo, Chong, maybe we can go buy it after CNY! *grin* Christmas means emo Sel. I don’t know why. I used to like Christmas. But [...]

Protected: The tears..

Posted by: selsel on: December 16, 2006

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

X’mas Stocking!

Posted by: selsel on: December 13, 2006

Saw the X’mas stocking thing on Yun’s blog~. Ah-haha, so interesting. But I don’t know what to leave her, so I didn’t leave anything. :X Woot!!!! Leave me a gift! Woot! Post note: It doesn’t bloody work. Argh-ness. *eyes Chong* Guccccciiiiiiii. DFS vouchersssssss. Chonggggggggg. This X’mas is leaving me in B-R-O-K-E-S-V-I-L-L-E. But I just have [...]

Le Sigh~

Posted by: selsel on: December 12, 2006

While a certain “mouse” gets 2 months bonus and can easily buy a Gucci wallet, I can only save up and hopefully by the first quarter of 2007, I’ll be able to buy one. I wish I could hug all of you tight just so that I can stop your tears, your heartbreaks, stop you [...]

It’s Up!

Posted by: selsel on: December 8, 2006

Little Miss Shop A Lot’s shop, that is. *applause* Wide U-neck 3/4 sleeves knitted jumper, U.P. $29.90. Pop by there and check it out! There’s a 20% sale if you order/pay before the 18th! and prices shown are before discount! Shipping is free too! Lots of pretty knitwear, off-shoulders there! Get ready for Christmas, babayyyy! [...]

Finally Friday

Posted by: selsel on: December 8, 2006

Too much Tatittinger,  too much Sauvignon Blanc on a Thursday night is no good. There was some Denmark beer and some other famous white wine that I didn’t manage to catch the name of going around the table. I love the chocolate tiramisu cupcake thing though. That was fabulous. *mmm.. drools* I’m sure Ba Zhang [...]


Posted by: selsel on: December 6, 2006

布莱梅下雨 怎么打湿了巴黎 我是玻璃白色的雾气 看不清楚今天星期几 怀抱着空虚的怀抱里 曾经有彼此的痕迹 我放手温暖空气 还够不够让你呼吸 *我嘴唇的温度 冷成纯白色的珊瑚 墨绿的海有点想跳舞 甲板开始不让人踱步 那海风开始翻我的书 那海鸥还是没归宿 我们相遇那个纬度 还依然如故 rain 开始燃烧 布莱梅保存的拥抱 也许计较 也许是嘴角 才不想记得牢 雨点在下洗白手表 记忆里从此不必打扫 没人打扰没人问好 静静的用心去寻找 woo….* Repeat ** 别再掩饰我们之间荒凉的寥阔 别再追问眼泪的下落 曾经的我把门反锁合眼对这错 眼睛无聊的答案叫隔阂 rain 接着燃烧 布莱梅残留的拥抱 也许计较 也许是嘴角 才不想记得牢 雨点在烧洗白手表 记忆里从此没人打扫 总能遇到一个怀抱 可以去微笑着变老呼…… 可以微笑着变老

Slow Midweek Morning

Posted by: selsel on: December 6, 2006

It’s Wednesdayyy! Wooo! Two more days to weekend. Wahahaha. Happy or not!? I like Wednesdays. I don’t know why. Ever since Secondary School days. I remember Wednesdays are Assembly days. Oddly enough, I can’t remember what we did during Assembly. Hahaha, watch a performance? Listen to teachers talking? Went to IKEA, 2nd time since it [...]

Fancy a Milo Dino-Saw?

Posted by: selsel on: December 5, 2006

Forgive me. I’m suffering from the aftermath of watching Saw III. It’s effing bloody. All intestines and stuff. People with weak stomachs and susceptible to gagging should NOT go watch it. Unless, of course, you’re filling too bloated or feel that you need to empty out your stomachs. Bring a puke bag please. I must [...]

So it isn’t a truckload.

Posted by: selsel on: December 2, 2006

So I said truckloads but essentially it’s just 3 collages and 1 single photo. Wahahaha. It was truckloads in my camera but it’s such a pain to upload everything by itself. Besides, collages are easier for you all to right click and save right? And yes, these photos all feature my curly hair. Bah. First [...]

NETS it!

Posted by: selsel on: December 2, 2006

I love the new NETS function on the cabs!!! I think not all of the cabs have it though. Probably only Comfort and Citycabs. But yay! Say bye bye to the 10% administrative charge and 5% GST that you have to pay when you pay by debit / credit cards!!! When you pay by NETS [...]

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