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Ha. Ha. Ha. Dry Humour.

Posted by: selsel on: November 27, 2006

Ok la. The chairman says the joke is too urm sensitive in this age and time. So I’m took it off in case I get caught and sued and sent off to jail. But then again, I suppose the people now are more mature and understand the essence of the joke is not urm discriminating [...]


Posted by: selsel on: November 27, 2006

Was just surfing SgSpree and one of them was organizing a Coach spree. I surfed over to Coach.com and decided I’ll get one of them wallets as a Christmas present for myself. It’s cheaper getting it from the website than if I got it in the store here. Hee hee. Now now, which one should [...]

Some guys just had it coming.

Posted by: selsel on: November 26, 2006

You know sometimes, some people just say the darndest thing. While chatting about my life, in general, over MSN with the neighbour, he asked, so how, been on any dates, so far? And I was like no? So he said, “Want me to introduce some guys to you? My friends are nice people. Got one [...]

Blody Hell.

Posted by: selsel on: November 21, 2006

I is not dead, don’t worry. So last Wednesday I went to Kimage with Chong! To do something about my hair. Something is right. I did do something to it. I bloody permed it. Argh. I knew it. Hairstylist have a way of psycho-ing customers to change their minds about cutting that hair. Shit. I [...]

Wednesday is tomorrow!

Posted by: selsel on: November 14, 2006

The day to my haircut is drawing closer. It’s just tomorrow in fact. My god. I’m such a worry wuss. I worry about the little-est things. Is there such a word? “Little-est”? *Snort* Oh wow, this PC / Explorer has spell check even in Lah.cc! Woohoo! Isn’t that amazing? Anyhoos, yea, it’s tomorrowwww! Omg! If [...]

I have an announcement to make.

Posted by: selsel on: November 5, 2006

This is my current hair length. Quite long hor? This is the length I want to cut it to. Cool eh. I don’t know who the 2nd ang moh girl is. But I just want to illustrate the length. Hahahaha. She looks pretty sweet tho’. And lately, I’ve been hooked on to this show! Princess [...]


Posted by: selsel on: November 1, 2006

In the last 4 days.. I tendered my resignation.. (T-minus 2 weeks) Collected my CD.. (god save me.) Treated the gang to Sakura sushi buffet.. (wallet hurts.) Made up my mind about chopping off my locks.. (‘s about time.) Woke up at unearthly hours of 6plus AM.. (i hate shift work.) You know the job’s [...]

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