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Posted by: selsel on: April 27, 2006

I’m slightly more sober now. But I just bit bunny’s head off. Before you think I’m some psycho-cute-animal eater, I’m not. It’s a chocolate Easter Bunny. I love’em hotel chocolates. Absolutely deeeeeeeeee-li-cious. And I’ve my tenant to thank, ‘cos she brings ‘em home whenever they have it in the hotel. I had Choco-Santa during Christmas. [...]

Human Blody Resource Project

Posted by: selsel on: April 25, 2006

I’m finally done with possibly the last school assignment I’d ever have to do. Unless I go to Masters, which is highly unlikely, am going to stay far away from textbooks for a while after graduation. In the previous post, I was worrying about my lack of words, because I was grossly under the word [...]

24 Hours

Posted by: selsel on: April 24, 2006

Mission: To write a 3000-word report on Resourcing, Recruitment and Selection Time due: 25th April 2006, 1930hrs Place: HDB Hub, Toa Payoh Time left: 24hrs, 40mins 18hrs 40mins Current Progress: 908 words, since 22nd April 2006 1621 words@ 0054hrs, 25th April 2006 Outcome: Sure die lah! Ok, I’m outta here. Just came to erm, announce my [...]


Posted by: selsel on: April 19, 2006

.. to intern with CLEO!! (already sent my resume! But me thinks it won’t work ‘cos my field of study is not very related to the industry! shat.) .. to finish my RRS assignment!! (if only I can get my ass moving to start!) .. to go shopping!! (after seeing the mountains of clothes I [...]

Republic Of Internet

Posted by: selsel on: April 19, 2006

TMD. I got tricked. Wahahhaha. I knew it shouldn’t be so easy to get someone’s passport details over the internet. So dumb. And yet I still went to click. Rach!! You do-do bird! How can trick people like that!!! *roars* But quite funny lah hor. Monkey Selena Ho. Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaa. L-A-M-E. Get your own Republic of [...]

Nice Nails Day

Posted by: selsel on: April 19, 2006

Rach is back! For a week! Met up with her yesterday to do our nails! Teehee. Now I’ve got pretty toe nails. It’s french manicured! But not white and pink. It’s blood red with gold tips!! Looks damn chio I tell you. Muahahahaha. Not your conventional french manicure. Got sick of just white and pink. [...]

Missing Tag Board

Posted by: selsel on: April 16, 2006

Anyone realised my tagboard is missing? I did! It’s been missing for the last few days. I don’t know where it went. But then it’s good, ‘cos then a certain monster can haunt the tag board. In case you were wondering, I did play mahjong last night. And lost. TMD. I said I didn’t want [...]


Posted by: selsel on: April 14, 2006

Just finished packing up all my barangs barangs for tomorrow’s flea market. Quite a lot of stuff. And my nose is running crazily from all the packing and the dust. I’m so excited! I hope people actually buy our stuff. Some are really new. And I made my first sale! Teehee. Karen bought a dress from [...]


Posted by: selsel on: April 10, 2006

My post disappeared. Shoot. I was almost done!!! Then my laptop had to hang on me. Toooooopid. Gah. I posted up pictures from the rollerblading outing we had! And I was saying I look weird. Somehow lopsided and jaundiced. Heh. Or possibly just exhausted after rollerblading for 3 hours. I had that huge grin to [...]

I think I’m losing it.

Posted by: selsel on: April 9, 2006

I need to find something else to do other than mahjong. I think I’m playing too much mahjong. I used to not be able to “feel” the tile. As in not look at it and know what tile it is. But now I can!!!!!! And that’s a sign. A bad one. That I’ve been playing [...]

Lelong Lelong!!!

Posted by: selsel on: April 5, 2006

I’ve been nagged/scolded/pinched/screamed/piak-ed/shouted by my mother to pack up all the stuff I no longer use/need/wear to sell or to give away. Believe me, I have tonnes of stuff that I no longer use/need/wear. So I’ve picked out some of the newer/nicer/better stuff to share with all you people. Wahahahaha, so do me a favour [...]


Posted by: selsel on: April 5, 2006

I went to cut my fringe on Monday. Yay! Because I needed to go to Raffles Place to get something, I went to meet Zhenting for lunch. And being the Queen of Lateness, I had to take a cab down to Raffles Place. The cab fare turned out to be $17. Shit. That’s a freaking [...]

Love Your Sister Day

Posted by: selsel on: April 5, 2006

Yesterday, when I finished work and checked my handphone for messages, I  found this unknown number who sent a “Today is Love Your Sister Day” and proceeded to say “I Love You” to me. I was like, “Eh?”, plus a few dozen question marks swimming above my head. So I replied, “Er, thanks for the [...]

Retail Therapy

Posted by: selsel on: April 1, 2006

The next person who talks to me about the government progress package, is SO going to get it from me. Basket. Chao nugget. Blody neh neh. Grr. Don’t. Even. Try. Oh anyways, my dearest, one & only Indian Sista has turned 21! Like finally! After ALL of us have turned 21. I mean, those 1B17 [...]

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