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I have become one of those people..

Posted by: selsel on: November 29, 2005

I turned down a job offer. Again! I keep kicking myself in the leg, don’t I? Bah. But you can’t really blame me. The job pays $6/hr and I have to start work at 8am! And at some ulu pandan place in Kallang. To do admin stuff. Yes, I know it’s those kind of braindead [...]

Xingdi’s 21st Birthday Party!

Posted by: selsel on: November 27, 2005

Before I do that, I must post up this! Going shopping! Ha ha ha. The day before. No particular reason, just felt like posting this photo up. Hot pink top from OldNavy.com. My loot arrived (like 2 weeks ago actually)! Wheeee! Pretty tea lights in plastic cups decorated the little park. Then we were off [...]

All those plans were D-A-N-G-E-D.

Posted by: selsel on: November 26, 2005

You know the schedule I drew up for today? All danged. Except I really did wake up at 11am. But I didn’t have lunch at 12, nor did I go to random location for shopping. Well, I didn’t get my pedicure either, reached there too late. Bah. So I ended up with an express manicure [...]

Schedule for Friday 25th November

Posted by: selsel on: November 24, 2005

    11.00am Rise & Shine! 12.00pm Hirugohan 01.00pm Leave home for random location to find Chen Xing XingDi Xiao-Jie’s present. 03.00pm Hopefully have found her present. *sweat* 04.00pm PEDICURE – Have yet to make an appointment, where should I get my pedicure? 06.00pm Go to random location for Round 2 of Shopping.  I have [...]

All the way to Boon Lay and back

Posted by: selsel on: November 24, 2005

I went to Jurong “blody-far-away” Point yesterday. Alone. Hitori de ikimasu! And it was a blody 50 minute ride from Tampines. Very far can! Totemo tooi desu!!! Argh. All because I had $30 vouchers, courtesy of Henry and Qookie. I had to go alone, because NOBODY was free to go with me. And nobody in [...]

Choices, Choices, Choices

Posted by: selsel on: November 22, 2005

Chic! A Fashionista’s choice. This baby here has a 1.3 megapixel camera, flash, mp3 player, bluetooth technology and lots more, all encased within 90g of sleek silver casing. The memory capacity is nothing to rave about – only 32mb. But then again, that’s the same size as the one my N6230 has. And why bother [...]

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Posted by: selsel on: November 20, 2005

Greetings! From eh, OUTER SPACE! Hahahahaha. I’m really bored to tears and I can’t wait for classes to start on the 26th. Which, coincidentally is Chen Xing XingDi’s birthday party! And her theme is giving me a headache. Uniforms! Where will I find uniforms!? Dear Xingdi ah, forgive me if I can’t find any uniforms [...]

About Plastic Surgery

Posted by: selsel on: November 17, 2005

Dream boots Part 1 Dream boots Part 2 Hmmm. I think Dream Boots 2 is nicer. *dreams* But I like the ribbons on Dream Boots 1. I can only dream. Boohoohoo. At least until I find a job. Note to self: Call Recruit SlowExpress and blody ask them what’s going on. I want to watch! [...]

Dinner @ Tung Lok

Posted by: selsel on: November 16, 2005

Mummy got vouchers for Tung Lok from Citibank! And so, we went to Tung Lok Seafood Gallery at East Coast Park, Marine Cove today to use it! We actually thought it was at the Seafood Centre, where all the seafood restaurants are.. But I was wrong! Daddy wasted $1.50 of parking coupons because of that. [...]


Posted by: selsel on: November 15, 2005


Happy Birthday Ah Jie!

Posted by: selsel on: November 15, 2005

Haaappyyy Birthdayyyy Jesseee! Today is Jesse’s birthday! The Ah-Jie of 1B17! Older than Cindy by one month only! Cindy is Lao – Er in the gang. Hahahahaha. And I’m second from the bottom. Guess who’s last in the gang? MIRA!!! Who still hasn’t turned 21 yet! Until next March! LOL. So we went out to [...]

Cheelin’s 21st Birthday Party!

Posted by: selsel on: November 14, 2005

Went to Cheelin’s house for her 21st birthday party on Saturday! Wowee! Her house so big! Got fish pond inside somemore. Veh cool. Took quite a lot of photos.. So wait patiently while they load. The food was not bad!!! Like the curry and the “maggi-mee” lookalike.. erm.. mee. Hahahahahahaha. I think you all should [...]

Shout Outs

Posted by: selsel on: November 11, 2005

I changed my blogskin!!! Is it like awesome or what man! Heh heh. Muahahahahaha. I can’t stop looking at my blog. Wahahahhaha. I think I’m going crazy. Ok. Going out already. Got an appointment with my therapist. Retail therapist, that is. All you exam kids, study hard!!! Ganbatte! =)


Posted by: selsel on: November 11, 2005

Guess who?

Black or White

Posted by: selsel on: November 11, 2005

-blog layout- Black with pink fonts? -blog layout- Or white with orange fonts? Take your pick.

Exams are OVER

Posted by: selsel on: November 11, 2005

All exams are over officially for the year 2005. Am now looking for temporary job assignments for months of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb. Wheee! I’m so happy. Christmas is coming! Yahoo! I love the spirit of Christmas and hearing Christmas songs playing in malls and streets. And also going carolling at Flutes at The Fort [...]

Exams suck

Posted by: selsel on: November 6, 2005

Exams suck. Exams suck. Exams suck. Having one paper sucks more than having 4/5/6 papers because you have to study for that one pathetic miserable wrinkling piece of shit. So. Exams suck. Exams suck. Term 2 starts one week after exams. School sucks. I don’t like the tutor for my Small Business module. Damn. How? [...]

All things purple

Posted by: selsel on: November 4, 2005

My purple xiao zi! I love my xiao zi! =) My purple Gucci! I love my purple Gucci too! I lost $4 at mahjong. Boohoohoo!! I have thick yellowish green (greenish yellow?) mucus / phelgm again! Argh! *cry cry* Bah. I must start studying for exams already. Good luck to all the exam kids!

The time has come

Posted by: selsel on: November 2, 2005

My trusty Nokia 6230 is on the verge of dying! So sad! After 1.5 years of reliable service to me! It has finally fallen critically ill. Shutting down suddenly, not reading my memory card, the configuration has gone bonkers. I think it didn’t like China very well. So now I have to find a replacement. [...]


Posted by: selsel on: November 2, 2005

I cannot title it as Shanghai Shanghai because I didn’t spend all 8 days in Shanghai. So I can only title it as China! The trip was an eye-opener. The first 5 days were more of a history lesson than a holiday. Learnt more Chinese history than I ever did in the past years that [...]

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