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Posted by: selsel on: July 25, 2005

Did I mention? I got my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince already! Yay!

And I finished it within 2 days. Bah. I shall go read it all over again.

Severus Snape is a son of a b****!! Grrr.

See, don’t trust people around you too much. Especially those with dubious backgrounds. And even more especially, those people who look waaaay too sneaky for our own good.

Dumbledore died ( oh come on, everyone knows already la, I’m not spoiling anything) because he trusted that asshole too much. He thought Snape had turned to the right side.

But no, that bloody two-headed dipshit sold out Dumbledore and The Order. Basket.

Dumbledore was killed by that dipshit. Ooooh I feel like scratching his face and using one of them Unforgivable Curses on him.

Bah. I cried so much while reading the last pages of the book. It was really sad. Sadder than when Cedric Diggory died during the tournament.

Sigh. But I am sure he’ll be back. Gandalf returned, didn’t he?

I’m sure Dumbledore will be back.

He will.

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