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Posted by: selsel on: July 25, 2005

Who said you need to wait till you’re 21 to get the keys. I’m not 21 yet and I’ve already got 6 keys. 1 for the lorry, 1 for the car, 1 for the main gate, 1 for the office, 1 for the wooden door, 1 for the small gate.

And besides, who needs keys when you have the whole blody factory to yourself. Pui.

Today I am acting Managing Director at Dad’s office. Muahahahaha. Feels damn gooooood.

Mum and Dad have abandoned me and went to KL for some Fire Security Exhibition thing.

Leaving me all alone in the office. And everybody just decide to come today to buy stuff. Roars.

Everyone asks, “Ey, you are Mr Ho’s daughter ah?”

Then I will roll my eyes at them and reply, “Ya la, then what? His sister?”

No la. Joking.

Of course I reply shyly, “Ya, I’m his daughter.”

Bah. *rolls eyes*

I’m so sleepy after lunch. I met Mira at Parkway for lunch! Wheee! Finally met that girl. The last time I saw her was at Kenny’s party, which was like super long ago. One month plus ago! Hrrrmph. Yay, at least I managed to catch up with that girl. Been so long since I talked to her.

—————Updated on 25-7-05—————

Oops, this place is going to the cows. I haven’t been updating. In actual fact, I have already typed out the entries (well, part of it) just that I didn’t publish them. I didn’t manage to finish what I wanted to write, so I didn’t publish all those entries.

I also didn’t see any point in just blogging about the places I went, the people I went out with, the things I ate, the things I bought. I find it really pointless. Of course, I’m not saying I find other bloggers who blog about these pointless, just that I think it’s pointless if I blogged about these stuff.

But then, I guess it’s difficult to be honest about your own feelings here when you know people can easily access your blog and read about you like you’re stark-naked. Don’t like the feeling of being exposed.

Don’t like people knowing how I really feel. Not that I’m a hypocrite or that I’m a fake or PR person.

Just the feeling of vulnerability when you know that everyone knows your true self.

I don’t exactly know what I’m talking about here. Just a feeling of depression and emptiness.

Like a part of me was removed from me. Like I lost something really important to me.

A feeling of loss.

I feel empty. I’m feeling extra-extra-sensitive. Little things can trigger off tears and anger.

Just leave me alone for a while I guess. I’ll be back when I’m better.

I’m sure it’s just a phase.

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