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Posted by: selsel on: July 18, 2005

I’m sorry I haven’t been diligent in blogging. Just haven’t had the urge to blog. And it has been a real busy week. Met up with the TK girls on Wednesday to send Polly off. Sigh.

From left: Grace, Polly, Suet Ying, Adelene, Me! and Xingdi

Chilling out at Haagen Dazs and chatting about our Secondary School days and our dreams for the future was a blast. But pity, Polly won’t be around for our next few gatherings. Sobs.

Then it was off to the airport on Thursday night to send Mummy off to Korea. It was a chaotic night with my aunties and cousins.

It was a big party. About 15 I reckon.

Almost missed saying bye to Mummy ‘cos I was outside listening to somebody’s interview on Y.E.S93.3fm. Bah.

Luckily I ran fast enough to at least wish them Bon Voyage and the parting words were “Remember to buy stuff for me!!!!” Wahahahaha..

Friday was a busy day at work. Sent Daddy to the hospital for his check-up and spent just about the whole day there. Sheesh. Then it was off to meet the girls for dinner. Haven’t talked to Zhenting and Shuling for a loooooooooooooooong time.

And was supposed to go Wala Wala. But got thwarted by someone last minute. Sian-ness. Then I called Dad, thinking he can come pick me up from Tampines so that I didn’t have to spend cab fare. But no such luck, he said he was sleeping already.

Just as I stuck one foot into the cab, he called and told me he can come fetch me. Bah. So dumb can. Roars. Waste my money! Boo!

Friday wasn’t a very good day. And I had a good mind to ignore the someone who thwarted my plans for the whole of Saturday. Just because. Grr. But I didn’t! I’m too nice, I tell ya, too nice! Dammit.

Woke up to the thought of “It’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opening day!” on Saturday.

And in the afternoon went to Changi Airport (again!). Gosh, I think I’m spending too much time at the airport. Departures are so hard to deal with. Sobs.

Sent Polly off together with Jeffrey, Xingdi and Shawn. I was so close to crying when I saw her sister crying. Gawd. The scene was just so depressing. And Jeffrey, that dumb neh neh, didn’t help by singing all the sad songs when I was already so close to tears.

I really miss that babe. She used to be just one call away, one bus away, one sms away. But now, she’s hours of flight away and she’ll be gone for 2 years! 2 long years! Sigh. Talking about it makes me depressed. Boo.

All the memories. I’ll miss you until you get back. You take care girl. Come back soon! Love you lots.

Sigh. Now I’m depressed. But anyways. Moving on. My kuku sister’s birthday party at HRC was a blast! Yay! Saw most of the BSC people. Scroll down for photos. Theme was lime-green so expect to see lots of green.

Aight, I’ve slept Sunday away. I am such a pig. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

Gotta send Dad to the hospital for his check up (again). Then gotta go town for servicing. And then at night meet Jo for dinner after which we can go to the airport to fetch my aunties and my mummy!

Oh my, I hope she bought lots! Wheee!

Nights people.

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