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Posted by: selsel on: August 31, 2004

Ho ho ho! I drove the Nissan March today!! Hee hee!! Went to the Nissan showroom at Ubi today. Hee hee. The salesman was so nice to let me test drive the Nissan March. Ha ha ha. I’m so high! It’s very easy to drive, small and compact, and the steering wheel is just nice [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 29, 2004

Look who I found in my old photo album!! Little baby!! =) Ain’t he the cutest thing! Hee heez… And also.. Group photo from Dinner and Dance 2004! The 1B17 people who went for D&D! Me and Zhenting! And then there was… The Secondary buddies! Another one.. Perth Trip! CNY 2004~ Daddy and Mummy and [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 29, 2004

Went for my first day of school on Saturday! Wowee! Got up bright and early and met Cindy and Alan for breakfast. Hee hee. Then it was 3 whole hours of Human Resource Management. Argh. It’s really quite boring when you can’t catch what your lecturer is talking about. My lecturer, a Mr O’Connor, spoke [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 27, 2004

Maybe I don’t understand how it’s like to be attached. Or maybe I just don’t understand how is it one can allow another person to have so much control over their lives. I’m guilty of calling him names. But I don’t regret that. Because from what you’ve told us, it really does seem like that. [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 27, 2004

Happy Birthday Wee Quan!! It’s Wee Quan’s aka Spacebar’s birthday! Happy birthday dude! =) May you have the most fabulous birthday! Hee hee. Take care! Tag often! Heez, August is a busy month! Lotsa birthdays! =X Also spent alot of money on presents. Heh. Never mind, September is coming soon! Hee hee. *Grin* Passed Zhenting [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 25, 2004

You are Tweety! You are cute, and everyone loves you.You are a best friend that no one takes the chance of losing. You never hurt feelings and seldom have your own feelings hurt. Life is a breeze. You are witty, and calm most of the time. Just keep clear of backstabbers, and you are worry [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 25, 2004

Happy Birthday Zhenting! My dearest girlfriend, may this birthday be a wonderful day of celebration and filled with happiness! Hope you like the present that we are giving later! =) May the year ahead be smooth-sailing and “xin xiang shi cheng”!!! Love ya! *Muacks*


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

Today is quite a day, I must say. This entry is dedicated to a friend, let’s just call her H. If you read it, you should know I’m referring to you. What I’m saying is not new, in fact, it’s old, stale, rotting news. A friend of 4 years, 5, coming Jan. And I don’t [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

“There’s not much time left, let me sing another song, for you. After tonight, the world will be gone. I still have one day, to learn how to love you. Before it’s too late, I hope it’s not. Witholding tears, with eyes closed, don’t cry, stay in my arms, before the end of the world. [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

At the MRT station~ Shuling’s sleepy! Posted by Hello


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

Playing pool~ Posted by Hello


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

Sel and Zhenting at Ajisen! Posted by Hello


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

Sel and Karen at Ajisen! Posted by Hello


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

All of us, with Bronze medalist, Cannie! Posted by Hello


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

Sel and Shuling. Check out Mira and Rach behind. Wahahaha!! Posted by Hello


Posted by: selsel on: August 23, 2004

I just love my new skin. Hahaha. It sort of fades out when you go to another website. Hmm. It’s cool eh? And I love the smileys. Hahaha! Great! Was at Zhenting’s chalet yesterday! Woohoo! It was great fun. Great food! “Butter Gao Gao”! Hee. Ate lotsa prawns! Yummy! Made a trip to Pasir Ris [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 21, 2004

Whee! I changed my blogskin! Wahahaha, cool eh? Urm, maybe not VERY cool, but looks pretty cool to me! Hahaha, couldn’t work some of the stuff out. Argh. I’m just not good at this. So will make changes along the way. Until a new skin comes along! Zhenting’s chalet tomorrow! Yay! We made a mini-video [...]


Posted by: selsel on: August 21, 2004

- Under Construction – Check back later!


Posted by: selsel on: August 20, 2004

Haha, I’m crazy. I just wrote a whole chunk and I cleared it all away. Wowee! I want to go to the library again! I want to borrow Michael Crichton’s books! Just finished his Disclosure. Woooohooo! Very good!


Posted by: selsel on: August 19, 2004

Sigh, due to the early “demise” of Singapore’s chance of getting a medal at the Athens Olympics, I have no mood to write, so this shall suffice. Name the following brands of the things you have or use: 1. Shampoo – The Body Shop 2. Bags – No preference, I carry lots of brands. 3. [...]

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